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Home Ownership is low historically. In 2015 the home ownership was the lowest in 30 years and this was eight years after the end of a major recession. The incomes of Americans are not trending with property prices in major cities. Wages have grown 1% faster than inflation for the past 30 years. Property has grown 2% faster than inflation for the past 30 years. Even though the average credit score in America is the highest in 30 years the average employee has no savings. no risk appetite, and too high student debt to become a home owner.

This is a perfect storm of highly educated, high credit score, happy tenants that can stay in your properties for years.

As a turnkey investor your properties are newly rehabbed and under new management. Tenants will actually pay a premium over rental market rates for your properties.

You have the option to buy in any market and let your team do all of the property management.

You can even buy a small percentage of a turnkey property as well so starting your STABLE investment career does not take a large investment.

Great markets can generate 30% ROI (Return On Investment) per year. As a good investor you should look to make no less than 10% ROI. Buying one property per year can help you retire in 10 years!!


Get started on your SAFE real estate journey with us. We will help guide you through all phases of the buying process and we don’t make any money until you make money.

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