Income Sharing

Many universities have switched to a Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model over a student loan. This allows the university to take a fixed amount from their student incomes for up to 20 years depending on the student’s success after graduation. Our arrangement is similar but only lasts for one year and you can renew or end the contract annually.

Income would be defined as the money left over after expenses are paid. This is still the definition in our Income Sharing Agreement. Some investors want to have multiple strategies and pay for marketing. These expenses are considered when determining the profit.

ISA’s are only made with LLC’s. This can be a single member LLC. This cannot be made with a self directed IRA because the profits from an IRA need to remain as a retirement instrument and our contracts are only for one year. We can not use 401K funds to purchase properties within your LLC without penalties. 401K funds can be used to buy personal property and not investment properties.

Expenses not considered when determining profit:

  • Marketing expenses above the contractual budget.
  • Owner salaries
  • Depreciation
  • Interest Expenses

New expenses not covered in the contract require an addendum.

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We are in a perfect storm for turnkey investors to make great profits if they make great decisions. We have the road map for your success and want to make your decision to use our systems as easy and friction-less as possible.

Lots of investors only want to be paid upfront so they can be blamed for your failure when you give up on yourself. We are 100% in your corner and won’t throw in the towel. You will make money. You will be a successful investor. Our family’s future depends on your success. Your family’s future depends on your success. We are a team and we have a track record of success and we want you to be part of our team.

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