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Phase 1 – Market Research

Seasoned investors know to be in more than one market. If you are just starting out, we’ll help you define your first target market to reduce costs for marketing to properties that are not great for investors. If you are ready to grow to a new market we can help expand your systems into the market as well.

Phase 2 – Reverse Engineering

Know that we have a target market defined let’s make sure it made money for someone else. We will research similar properties through county records and public information to make sure your acquisition strategy will work.

Phase 3 – Marketing

You have to spend money to make money. Real Estate professionals spend a larger percentage of their budget on marketing that other industries. Using you money wisely and marketing to the right properties will make sure you don’t over spend on your budget and use multiple marketing methods to get the deal.

Phase 4 – Contracts

Having the exit strategy in mind when you find a deal means you know which contract to use as well. One contract does not fit all when you are an investor. We have over one hundred contracts for different exit strategies from wholesaling, subject to, lease options, cash purchase and owner profit sharing. Let’s analyse the del and use the best contract.

Phase 5 – Purchase

We buy undervalued properties from a variety of sources… hedge funds, wholesalers, distressed owners, and the like. Because we close quickly, we have developed an excellent reputation. As such, we are able to secure properties at rock bottom prices…far below what an individual investor might find on their own.

Phase 6 – Rehab

After having rehabbed hundreds of properties, we’ve developed a system. We use the same teams, using the same materials, using the same checklists. Because we warehouse many of the commonly used supplies, and rehab numerous properties at a time, we are able to create some excellent economies of scale.

Phase 7 – Independent Inspection

Aside from our own rehab checklist, we also bring in a licensed Home Inspectors to go over the property. This ensures that we didn’t miss anything, that the investor is getting a great property, and that the chances of major repair expenses in the future are minimized.

Phase 8 – Warranty

Once the property is complete, we issue our “Roof To Foundation” warranty on all major operating systems. This is issued to the new owner at no additional charge upon closing.

Phase 9 – Tenant Placement

Now that the property is complete and shows nicely, we turn it over to our Property Management partners. They begin the process of marketing the property to potential renters. Using a stringent selection process, they place new tenants, sign leases, and work towards optimal cash flow.

Phase 10 – Final Exit Strategy

We provide support if you want to exit the deal in one day or one decade. It depends on the deal and it depends on your risk profile. Let’s find out what works best for you!!

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